CALCAST® CC 100 – CC 450

Density calcium silicate board (annealed)

CALCAST® is a high-temperature insulating material of calcium silicate. It has a bulk densities of 860 to 1.200 kg/m³ and is suitable for temperatures up to 1.000 °C. The material is not wetted in direct contact with liquid non-ferrous metals and is an ideal material in casting plants for the control and distribution of liquid metal and for the thermal insulation of the liquid metal.

Typical applications of this material are components for the manufacturing of bolts and ingots in horizontal and vertical casting, e.g. nozzles, floats, stoppers and hot top rings. Furthermore, our CALCAST®-Qualities are used in moulded cast. They are applied in nozzles, moulds, connecting channels and casting boxes in the processes of low pressure, high pressure, counter pressure and gravity.

For each particular application and any component different CALCAST® materials are available. The characteristics of these materials are especially customized for their particular application.

Special features

  • low thermal conductivity
  • low thermal capacity
  • thermal conductivity
  • dimensionally stable
  • excellent edge stability
  • is not wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals
  • high compression and flexural strength
  • physiologically harmless
  • accurate workability in tight tolerances
  • no reaction against basic or neutral media and lubricants