Technical ceramics

SILCAFUSE are cast items based on fused silica for direct contact with non-ferrous metal melts. They are not wetted by liquid non-ferrous metal melts so that the time-consuming finishing process can be dispensed with. SILCAFUSE products are ceramically bonded, thermally pre-fired and anhydrous.

SILCAFUSE has an extremely low coefficient of reversible thermal expansion and accordingly possesses very high resistance to temperature changes. As a result SILCAFUSE components are not pre-heated and are ready for immediate use.

In particular with casting channels the extremely low thermal expansion is of advantage since the butt joints can be cast so that there are effectively no joints.

In combination with our micro-porous back-up insulation product SILCAPOR the energy losses of the casting channels are minimized and the temperature homogeneity of the melt is significantly improved.

SILCAFUSE 110-168 moulded parts are envisaged for light to medium-heavy casting loading, e.g. as ladles, mould tables etc.

SILCAFUSE 110-196 moulded parts are used for - amongst other applications - casting channels, stirring blades, baffle plates and casting nozzles.

There is great flexibility in respect of the shape of the articles produced thanks to the manufacturing by casting. Thus, for example, casting channels, nozzles, ladles and other moulded products can be manufactured in accordance with customer wishes.

Special features

  • good mechanical strength
  • are not wetted by non-ferrous metals
  • minimal thermal expansion
  • good resistance to abrasion
  • high resistance to temperature changes
  • can be moulded to different forms