Ceramic fiber products / Ceramic fiber substitutes

In contrast to SILCASTACK, the SILCAFIX modules are secured in the middle. This has the advantage that they can be used in areas which are difficult to access, e.g. as the final module where work can no longer be carried on from the side. The actual anchoring devices (strap and spears) are integrated in the module as it is being produced.

For securing the SILCAFIX modules require only one threaded bolt that is located in the centre of the module. The threaded bolt is welded on to the housing with a stud welding machine (drawn arc) or manual welding (electrode) and the module can then be pushed over the bolt. After this the anchoring on the inside is screwed up with a collar nut. This is carried out through the centrally placed tube. The tube is removed after the module has been secured and the opening is closed. This mode of securing makes it possible to remove or repair individual modules easily.

For the production of SILCAFIX modules all fibre types (not only SILCAFLEX ceramic fibre but also the bio-soluble SILCAWOOL types) can be used.

Please see data sheet “SILCASTACK, SILCAFIX” and the product data sheets of the particular fibre types used for further details on the chemical and physical properties.