Material for lightmetal castings

CALCAST® CC 60 is a calcium silicate / carbon fibre composite which complements our CALCAST® product portfolio by a further innovation. The material contains up to 3 % carbon fibres with a length of 12 mm, has very good insulating properties and can be used at temperatures up to 1.000 °C. CALCAST® CC 60 is mainly used in direct contact with liquid aluminium alloys for transport, distribution and flow control of the metal.

CALCAST® CC 60 is a ceramic material with an exceptional pseudoplastic behaviour. This means that due to the Integrated carbon fibre in the matrix the fracture toughness is very high. Both components do not have any chemical bonding and thus neither form fit nor force lock. Therefore, propagating cracks lose their energy which is also visible in the strong fibre pull out. The fracture toughness is supported by the long fibres and considerably increases the work of fracture.

Special features

  • pseudoplastic fracture behaviour
  • no wetting by aluminium melts
  • thermal shock resistant
  • dimensionally stable
  • low thermal conductivity
  • precisely machinable within small tolerances
  • high edge stability
  • high productivity due to long service life

Product data sheet