SILCADUR-HFS adhesive is used as bonding material for SILCA® 250KM boards. The adhesive is provided ready-to-use in buckets or tubular bags and can be applied directly after stirring or kneading. For further details regarding handling, storage etc. please pay attention to our bonding instructions on the corresponding packaging of the boards.

Classification temperature:950 °C
Package size:Bucket 6,5 kg, Bag 900 g
Frost-free storage in closed package:18 months
Working temperature:10 – 25 °C


SILCADUR-CSMH is a repair adhesive on inorganic basis with a classification temperature of 1.300 °C. It serves for the bonding of dense calcium silicates and other mineral building materials among each other as well as for repairing cracks, fractures, etc. in refractory and vermiculite material within the fireplace.

The drying time depends on the layer thickness and the environment (temperature, humidity). In general, the drying time should not take less than 24 hours and the subsequent heating-up has to be effected slowly. In case that the adhesive is not completely hardened, steam bubbles may occur on heating-up. SILCADUR CSMH adhesive is available in resalable cans of 500 ml and in cartridges of 310 ml.

SILCADUR-HTI impregnation

SILCADUR-HTI is a high-temperature resistant impregnation for application on our calcium-silicate products for surface consolidation and dust bonding. The impregnation is inorganic, odour-neutral and suitable for additional surface treatment of the SILCA® 250KM boards in the heating chamber.

The impregnation is not suitable as first coat for subsequent plastering and bonding in the constructive area – for this application SILCACON first coat is to be applied.

SILCADUR-HTI is very easy to handle, it is ready for use and can be applied by brush or spraying device.