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SILCA is the international service and sales company of the Calsitherm Group, specializing in high-temperature materials and lightweight thermal insulation in various applications. As the only German manufacturer of calcium silicate, we have demonstrated in the past years that through innovative products both safety and productivity during installation of fireplaces may further be improved. This is guaranteed by means of close cooperation with specialist tradesmen and retailers as well as through the wealth of experience that SILCA GmbH has been able to gain over the years, not least in insulation in the industrial sector.

The manual furnace construction is diverse and demanding and requires optimised solutions for the most varied requirements. For the manual construction of fireplaces, SILCA GmbH expands the existing systems SILCA® 250KM / SILCACON and SILCAHEAT® 600C with a further versatile system that is easy to implement and quick to realise.

With the SILCARAPID® System SILCARAPID® 850CB enables multiple options in fireplace design. The quick and safe installation simplifies and reduces the effort for the same. The new calcium silicate board convinces with its smooth and firm surface. Subsequent time-consuming plastering of the surface is not necessary any more with SILCARAPID® 850CB.

Due to its thinness, large size and resilient quality, SILCARAPID® 850CB facilitates a precise installation and an even heat distribution. Stainless steel or phosphated screws, nails or staples are recommended for the installation.

The construction board SILCARAPID® 850CB meets the requirements of the technical rules for Stove and Air Heating Construction TR-OL and DIN EN 14306. The calcium silicate board is non-combustible, externally monitored by MPA NRW (Materials Testing Agency of North Rhine-Westphalia) and CE certified. SILCARAPID® system can be easily combined with the insulation board SILCA® 250KM and the construction board for fireplaces SILCAHEAT® 600C. Please also refer to our comprehensive brochure on domestic fireplaces and chimneys.

The main ingredients of the SILCA calcium silicate boards are lime and sand. They are classified as physiologically harmless and environment friendly construction products. This is ensured by modern production facilities, ongoing quality controls, external monitoring and certification according to DIN ISO 9001: 2015. The environmental compatibility is confirmed by means of environmental product declaration according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 issued by the Institute for Construction and Environment Inc. (Declaration number EPD-CSP-20180010-IBC1-DE).


SILCARAPID® 850CB is a new type of calcium silicate board with a smooth surface. A subsequent time-consuming plastering is not necessary any more. The 17 mm thin, very strong and self-supporting construction boards allow numerous alternatives for cladding sophisticated fireplaces.

The SILCARAPID® 850CB construction boards and SILCARAPID® stripes are joined using stainless steel or phosphated screws, staples or nails. We recommend the use of power tools.

As an accessory, SILCARAPID® stripes are available as installation aid. The thin calcium silicate stripes, also 17 mm, can be used for the necessary sub-structure of the SILCARAPID® system and enable numerous construction variants. Attaching to SILCA® 250KM and 
SILCAHEAT® 600C boards is also possible. A pre-assembly of parts of the construction with SILCARAPID® 850CB can be done in advance in the workshop. From the 1250 x 68 x 17 mm size, in addition to straight struts, L and T angles can also be easily produced, which can be quickly extended to the desired length.

The innovative SILCARAPID® system is supplemented with the SILCACON primer HFS, SILCACON putty filler and SILCACON painting plaster. With these accessory components, the polished smooth surface of the SILCARAPID® 850CB can be constructed with ease and simplicity upon customer request.  
The back side of SILCARAPID® 850CB is produced with a moulded skin for a further design option with ceramic or natural stone claddings. The treatment and processing are possible with standard wood working tools. Through the minimal board thickness, large size and resilient quality, a precise installation is easily possible. The high density ensures an even distribution of heat over the surface of the fireplace.

In addition to the standard sizes, packaging and cuts are also possible upon request. Please pay attention to the installation manual as well.

Technical data

CE Certificate0432 CPR-00697-01
Product normDIN EN 14306
Fire performancenon-combustible A2 - s1.d0
Thermal expansion at 300°C0,05 %
Thermal conductivity according to DIN EN 12667 10°C dry cut0,15 W/mK
Size in mm1000x625 / 1250x500 / 1250x1000 / 1500x1250 / 2440x1250 / 2500x1250 / 3000x1250
Board thickness in mm17
Weight 1250x1000x17 mm18,06 kg
Screw pull-out resistance1000 N
Application limit temperature1000°C
Bulk density (EN 1094-4)850 kg/m³
Flexural strength (EN 12089)12 MPa
Cold compressive strength (EN 1094-5)12 MPa
Load mounting on vertical surfaces - screw 5.0x60/36
Chipboard screw countersunk head
Screw depth 15 mm 20 kg or 0.2 kN
Load mounting on vertical surfaces - screw 5.0x60/36
Chipboard screw countersunk head
Screw depth 2 x 15 mm (double layered) 50 kg or 0.5 kN
SILCARAPID ®  850CB Streifen1250 x 68 x 17 mm


Special Properties

  • Time-consuming plastering of the surface not necessary
  • Minimal board thickness 
  • Very minimal installation depth
  • Self-supporting
  • Pre-assembly possible 
  • Non-combustible
  • Environment-friendly product
  • Physiologically harmless 
  • Large size boards
  • Simple treatment and processing
  • Installation with screws and staples possible
  • Compatible system components
  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Can be combined with SILCA® 250KM and SILCAHEAT® 600C

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