SILCATEC 1000E and 1000HD

Electrically insulating material

SILCATEC 1000E and SILCATEC 1000HD are large-size, mechanically strong insulating boards based on calcium silicate. They are resistant to high temperatures and possesses excellent thermal and electrical insulating properties.

Thanks to its composition, SILCATEC is an especially environmentally friendly, ceramic insulating material for complex applications in the field of machine, apparatus and furnace building.

As a result of the special mechanical and thermal properties as well as the high edge stability, dimensionally stable components can be manufactured from SILCATEC for electrotechnical applications involving temperatures up to 1.000 °C.


The elements can be machined using woodworking machines. As a result of the high strength values, tools with carbide cutting elements should be used. An appropriate dust extraction system should be provided.

We possess a comprehensively equipped machining shop. We will be pleased to produce the particular parts you require on our modern computer-controlled machines.

Special features

  • high mechanical strength
  • high edge stability
  • dimensionally stable
  • high electrical insulation
  • good thermal insulation
  • high temperature resistance
  • can be machined without problems to shaped parts with the aid of turning, milling, drilling, grinding and sawing
  • physiologically harmless