Density calcium silicate board (annealed)

One further high temperature isolating material out of calcium silicate is our CALCAST® CC 500.

This material has a volume weight of 1.200 kg/m³ and a maximum application temperature of 1.200 °C. The quality is outstanding due to its excellent thermal shock resistance. It is not without reason that this is the most thermal shock resistant product in our CALCAST® product group. The material is not wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals.

CALCAST® CC 500 is used for channel cover, for the insulation of heating lids, as protective shield and as baffle plate.

Special features

  • thermal conductivity
  • high productivity due to long service life
  • dimensionally stable
  • high compression and flexural strength
  • excellent edge stability
  • no reaction against basic or neutral media and lubricants
  • is not wetted by liquid non-ferrous metals
  • physiologically harmless
  • accurate workability in tight tolerances