Large-size insulation boards

SILCAPAN 400 has a higher thermal stability and is used primarily as a large-size, self-supporting building board for the cladding of dryers and as a composite element cover panel.

SILCAPAN 45MA boards have a low bulk density in combination with good strength. They belong to the group of medium-heavy calcium silicates. The above factors in combination with excellent insulating properties mean that they are optimally suited for thermal separation in the field of machines, apparatuses and dryers.


The elements can be machined using woodworking machines. As a result of the high strength values, tools with carbide cutting elements should be used. An appropriate dust extraction system should be provided. We possess a comprehensively equipped machining shop. We will be pleased to produce the particular parts you require on our computer-controlled machines.

Surface treatment

The SILCAPAN boards are used primarily in dryers. Since here a high level of humidity arises as a rule, vapour brakes can be applied in addition. In addition the boards can be provided with decorative finishes. Attention should be paid to the fact that the vapour pressure downward gradient from inside to outside is maintained. In case of doubt you should contact our Technical Department.

Special features

  • large-size
  • self-supporting
  • high strength