Combustion Chamber Board

SILCAPAN 750FB consists of natural raw materials without added bonding agents. The bright reflecting surface and good insulating properties make it possible to rapidly achieve the steady-state temperature in the combustion chamber of a fireplace. Along with the outstanding insulating properties, the combustion chamber board also offers convincing features such as high compressive and flexural strength. Our modern five-axis CNC machines process SILCAPAN 750FB according to your requirements.

Technical data:

SILCAPAN 750FBStandardUnitValue
Bulk density ( +- 10%)EN 1602kg/m³750
Upper application limit temperatureEN 1094-6°C1050
Thermal conductivityEN 12667W/mK0,21
Compressive strengthEN 826MPa12
Flexural strengthEN 12089MPa7
HardnessDIN 53505Shore D62


Your advantages

  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Bright, reflecting surface
  • Moisture resistance

Information sheet

SILCA – developed for practice – manufactured for professionals – approved in application

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