Combustion Chamber Board

SILCAPAN 750FB consists of natural raw materials without added bonding agents. The bright reflecting surface and good insulating properties make it possible to rapidly achieve the steady-state temperature in the combustion chamber of a fireplace. Along with the outstanding insulating properties, the combustion chamber board also offers convincing features such as high compressive and flexural strength. Our modern five-axis CNC machines process SILCAPAN 750FB according to your requirements.

SILCAPAN 750FB-G offers all the advantages of the SILCAPAN 750FB combustion chamber board and is now also available in a high-quality dark grey version. The noble appearance of the fully coloured combustion chamber board enhances the entire fireplace at customers' request and presents the fireplace as an elegant visual unit.

Technical data:

SILCAPAN 750FBStandardUnitValue
Bulk density ( +- 10%)EN 1602kg/m³750
Upper application limit temperatureEN 1094-6°C1050
Thermal conductivityEN 12667W/mK0,21
Compressive strengthEN 826MPa12
Flexural strengthEN 12089MPa7
HardnessDIN 53505Shore D62


Your advantages

  • High compressive and flexural strength
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Bright, reflecting surface
  • Moisture resistance
  • available also as SILCAPAN 750FB-G in dark grey

Information sheet

SILCA – developed for practice – manufactured for professionals – approved in application

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