High-temperature silicone

SILCASIL 320 has an excellent adhesive strength and a high temperatureresistance up to 320 °C. It is used for sealing and bonding, e.g. for the bonding of cords or tapes. It can be applied on most firm, clean and dust-free surfaces, e.g. metal, ceramics or mineral materials. Exposure to high temperature is only permitted after complete hardening auf SILCASIL 320. The product is available in cartridges of 290 ml.

Product details
Temperature resistancemax. 320 °C (1.000 h)
Density at 20 °C1,15 g/cm³
Hardness20 Shore A
Working temperature5 – 40 °C
Film formation on surfaceafter 10 minutes
Hardening, layer thickness 3 mmafter 24 h
Packing unit290 ml cartridges

The properties indicated are typical values obtained in serial testing and determined by acknowledged test methods. Product specific spreading of results should be taken into account. The indications do not represent guaranteed properties and cannot be used for any warranty claim. Subject to technical modifications.