Ceramic fibre products / Ceramic fibre substitute materials

SILCASTACK And SILCAFIX are lightweight construction systems of compacted ceramic fibre blanket strips including mechanical anchoring for front-side use in industrial furnaces and apparatuses for temperatures up to 1,450 ºC.

They consist of prefabricated and perforated fibre modules which are manufactured of different ceramic fibre types.The bulk densities and module dimensions are variable. If required wedge modules, angled modules etc. can be manufactured.

SILCASTACK and SILCAFIX systems are manufactured of special homogeneous, flexible, ceramic fibre blankets of low shot content with high resilience and classification temperatures of 1,260 – 1,600 ºC. Able to be supplied in addition to gauze and tape modules are forms of execution with cords as well as also combination modules. At levels of compaction upwards of 200 kg/ m³ the modules are manufactured as tape modules with plywood boards.

The lightweight construction systems can be combined with different back-up insulation layers, e.g. to improve the corrosion protection, as a vapour barrier or to optimize the insulating properties.

The heat-resistant mechanical anchoring systems are selected in accordance with the wall structure as well as in accordance with the particular thermal and chemical loading.

The systems have proved themselves under extreme conditions of use, e.g. for forging furnaces, ceramic kilns, ladle heating lids, refuse incineration plants, exhaust gas cleaning and bogie hearth furnaces. When there will be chemical loading, we recommend that you contact our Technical Department.

In plants / systems with high flow speeds, e.g. in exhaust gas lines or combustion chambers, the lining surface can be protected with SILCADUR Coating to reduce erosion of the fibres.

The fibre module systems SILCASTACK and SILCAFIX are also manufactured in different fibre qualities of SILCAWOOL. These fibres are not classified as hazardous material by reason of their reduced bio-persistency.


SILCASTACK modules have mechanical anchoring systems. As a rule with SILCASTACK threaded bolts are secured to the furnace and the SILCASTACK anchors are screwed on. The modules are supplied with prepunched holes and are simply pushed over the SILCASTACK spears. The tip of the spear is pushed into the tab of the previous anchor at the start of the module row.

Special features

  • lightweight, low accumulation of heat
  • resistant to thermal shock
  • can be shaped very variably
  • reliable anchoring system
  • low thermal shrinkage
  • high mechanical strength
  • rapid and economic to install
  • high resistance to abrasion
  • high chemical loadability