Bio-soluble products

SILCAWOOL is a high temperature fibre with an increased bio-solubility and is therefore an alternative to the Established aluminium silicate wool (ceramic fibre). SILCAWOOL is a spun fibre on the basis of calcium Magnesium silicate with high thermal stability, high tensile strength as well as good elasticity. Due to the high biosolubility it is not classified as dangerous material and chemically less resistant than aluminium silicate wool.


SILCAWOOL fibres are converted into mats, boards, paper and cords or delivered as loose wool.

SILCAWOOL 120P bio-soluble mats

SILCAWOOL mats are characterized by good tensile strength, are needled on both sides and have no organic bonding materials with unpleasant odour. They provide certain elasticity, e. g. as expansion gap between heating gas flues and tiled wall or other movable components.

SILCAWOOL 120 paper

SILCAWOOL 120 Paper contains an acrylic bonding agent. Apart from the standard material we also deliver ready-cut stripes with an organic self-adhesive film on one side for easy assembling. These serve primarily as elastic separation between the refractory material and the metallic built-in components such as support frames.