SILCAREF 1300-780, 1400-860

Lightweight refractory bricks

SILCAREF – lightweight refractory bricks are produced by extrusion. They have a low proportion of ferrous oxide and are resistant to atmospheres containing carbon monoxide.

They are suitable for application in furnaces and thermo technical systems, especially in continuously operating plants The lightweight refractory bricks can be used for back-up and front insulation. In case of application in the front corrosive stress should be avoided and the mechanical load should be low.

Apart from the standard dimensions we also produce cuts out of these dimensions (e.g. arch bricks). The production of cuts is not oriented on the standard dimensions. Therefore, any requested diameter can be produced from one dimension. This facilitates the assembly and minimizes the waste.

Special features

  • low thermal conductivity
  • good compressive strength
  • low thermal shrinkage
  • low bulk density
  • easy to work