Domestic fireplaces and chimneys

For the construction and use in fireplaces and biomass boilers, we offer various calcium silicate boards. These are used in Europe and beyond and are considered top-quality products „Made in Germany“. In addition, we developed SILCACON, a complete system for the further processing of these calcium silicate boards in the construction of fireplaces. Our reliability and product quality are confirmed by our DIN EN 9001:2008 certification.

SILCA® 250KM is an established thermal insulation board in Europe and beyond, which has been used as a certified insulating material for many years as insulation and for the installation of fireplaces.

SILCAHEAT® 600C unites the desire for heat radiation when operating fireplaces with the requirements for an easy and quick installation. The high graphite share in the patented new calcium silicate board provides pleasant radiant heat on the surface.

Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, SILCAPAN 750FB / 750FB-G enables the steady-state temperature in the combustion chamber of a fireplace to be reached more quickly and can therefore reduce emissions. The solid, high-quality combustion chamber lining is insensitive to moisture and thus guarantees a long service life in the combustion chamber. In addition to a white surface, we also offer the SILCAPAN 750FB-G in an elegant dark grey surface.

SILCARAPID® 850CB is a construction board with a thickness of just 17 mm. The installation possibilities are simple and various. This enables the construction of modern fireplaces and adjacent surfaces without additional time-consuming plastering.

Declarations of performance and other documents

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