Light-weight chimney system

At only 6.9 kilos, a mid-size model 2 cutting weighs considerably less than comparable industrial prefabricated light-weight construction cuttings.

This is made possible by a new field-assembly system enabling the individual cuttings to be assembled on site. The DIBt Berlin issued the building approval with the number Z-7.4-3528. Its advantage is not only weight. Since the cuttings can be assembled on site to a basis module, the installation of the SILCA® PRO LC90 is extraordinarily easy especially with old and modified buildings.

Thus processing and assembly of SILCA cuttings is easy. With a simple wood saw and a battery-powered screwdriver, you can get started with assembly.

  • The cuttings are industrially prefabricated out of the fire protection panel SILCAPROTECT®.
  • The calcium silicate panels are certified as non-combustible and environmentally friendly according to ISO 14025 and EN 15804 by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU).
  • The SILCA® PRO LC90 module cuttings fulfill the requirements of the fire-resistance class LA 90 according to DIN 18160-60 2014-02.
  • The light-weight construction cutting shall be used according to DIN 18160-60 as external shell of a two and/or three shell light weight chimney system for fire places with liquid, gaseous and solid fuels.
  • Therefore, it is universally usable for chimney systems with building approval/CE labeling.

Your advantages at a glance

  • non-combustible
  • environmentally safe/harmless construction material
  • physiologically safe
  • easy handling and processing
  • fast and safe assembly
  • true to size cuttings
  • extremely light
  • low external dimension
  • no tongue and groove
  • Fire rating EI90 (F90)
  • non-water-soluble - suitable for wet and dry cutting


The SILCA® PRO LC90 cuttings are delivered in package units of 4 panels with a length of 1250 mm. As outlined in the instructions, the panels are glued and assembled with clamps or screws. Here, a staggered, but also a simple stacking approach, to the modules can be employed. The rest of the assembly does not require connectors.

You don’t need additional insulation shelling.

The high temperature adhesive SILCADUR-HFS should be used. Additionally, the SILCA® PRO LC90 cuttings are assembled with a spacing of 200 mm using steel clamps or universal dry wall screws.

After a corresponding pretreatment (SILCACON plaster system), the chimney can to be plastered, painted, and wall papered. Openings for cleaning doors and connection options of the fireplace can be simply cut in the relevant panel.

Light-weight chimney systems can be built inside and outside buildings. Upon assembling, sufficient and correct stability must be taken into account. The light-weight chimney system needs to be protected adequately from the influences of weather.

We recommend the assembly of the light-weight chimney up to the top edge of the roofing. The inner tube is then professionally led over the roof. The entire assembly of the inner tube shall take place according to the information of the producer.

The SILCA® PRO LC90 light-weight chimney system is offered in four sizes in order to attain the possible best cutting size for the required cross sections.

1 SILCADUR HFS, use additional steel clamps or universal dry wall screws Ø5x80mm / 2 SILCAPROTECT / 3 inner tube / 4 ventilated annular clearance 20mm

Technical Data
Building Approval Number DIBtGeneral Building Approval Z-7.4-3528
Product ClassificationLight-weight chimney system T400 LA 90
CE Certificate of Constancy of Performance0432-CPR-900129-03
Fire Behavior According to 13501-1Euroklasse A1
Bulk Density (± 10%)600 kg/m³
Compressive Strength≥ 5 MPa
Standard Thickness40 mm
Standard Length1.250 mm
Standard Width180 mm, 230 mm, 260 mm, 280 mm; other panel widths upon request
Thickness/Length/Width Tolerances± 5 %, ± 5 mm
Environmental Product DeclarationEPD-CSP-20180010-IBC1-DE

Please refer to our catalogue SILCA Domestic Fireplaces and Chimneys about insulation board SILCA 250KM and the radiation board SILCAHEAT 600C

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